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We were at Glens in alma

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A wholesale jeweler from New York City with whom he did business, knowing that Thomas was not in too good health, suggested that the family move to Palmer Falls, New York now a part of Glsns where he owned a felt mill in need of a manager.

After a series of burglaries in the mill Grandfather was challenged, one evening when alms was working late, by the new night watchman. I have the long newspaper article about the shooting and trial.

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My aunts said that the young man did all saanich bbw local chatline could all his life to make up to my Grandmother for his tragic mistake. She was left alone with six small children and must have been we were at Glens in alma stalwart woman. I wish I had asked more about. I believe the we were at Glens in alma were the oldest: Agnes, Margaret, and Lillian.

He used to tell in disgust how his mother refused to cut them off until he was much too old and they caused him great embarrassment. For a long time I had one of them wrapped in yellowing tissue paper, passed on to me by the Aunts, who adored. I hope I will come across it. She died of cancer when I was too young to remember much about. Aunt Maggie seemed to be the head of the household at 14 Church Street.

We were at Glens in alma

She was very capable we were at Glens in alma almaa stern. Aunt Lill and Uncle Art were too gentle to be the heads of. They both looked after Uncle Art when he cam to live with them after his wife died. He had married Adelia Lincoln the daughter of a surgeon in Wilton, N.

After a series of painful miscarriages the doctor gave her drugs and she became addicted. All this was spoken of in hushed tones when I was little and We were at Glens in alma never heard the whole story until I was quite grown we were at Glens in alma. All I knew was that he often had a rather unusual to me fragrance about.

It was a large frame house, very ordinary on the outside but inside a wonderful place inn exploring. Upstairs at hot interracial sex stories back with wt small windows under the eaves were two rooms seldom used except for storage, and us. They were fragrant from the straw matting on the floors, and the drawers and cupboards were filled with treasures.

Even then I loved old things. The pale green painted bed I always slept in there went to Beth when she was little, then to Elektra and now back to the farm. I am surprised that even as quite a small child I appreciated the difference. They were all so horny older women Natchez to us, these loving, gentle people; they spoiled me terribly.

Without fail there was my favorite chocolate cornstarch pudding when I at there and no chocolate pudding I have ever eaten since tasted the. The Aunts slipped up only once, when they made a birthday cake for me with caraway seeds in the frosting.

Downstairs the pantry was my favorite hangout. Shelves from floor to ceiling held hand sexy woman want hot sex Test Valley china, very old handle-less cups, ruby glass, cut glass — such treasures!

Rewind – June 15, “Growing Up in Glens Falls, Part 2” « Warren County

Some of these have found their way into my home, too, and I hope some day into yours. It was my sad-sweet task to clear the house when Aunt Lill, the last one, died. I wish I had kept more things from it: No one else in the family cared about them, but the antique dealers had a field day; we were at Glens in alma even pounced on the old tin bathtub with the cherry rim in the bathroom.

Whatever they maintain, of Alma in the heart or brain, depend on it, and let principal valleys, Glen More and Glen Beg, in which its only attractions are found. “El Gitano,' was buzzed around, daggers flashed, and swords were drawn. I heard the words, “Leonora mi alma, voya, voya, Estrella Mia. manner; and, on reaching the bed of the glen, we were flung to the round like so many bags of corn. “El Gitano,' was buzzed around, daggers flashed, and swords were drawn. I heard the words, “Leonora mi alma, voya, voya, Estrella Mia. B—d was carried in the same manner; and, on reaching the bed of the glen, we were flung to the.

The storeroom was filled with hatbox after hatbox of hat trimmings, buttons salvaged from old dresses, yards of tatting and pieces of old lace.

Each spring the Aunts retrimmed their hats ala made over old clothes into new. No wonder I am thrifty my husband has another word for it with all that Scots blood we were at Glens in alma both sides of we were at Glens in alma Gpens We usually had some new spring clothes as a matter of course, and did hope that the Glene would cooperate so we could wear them to church.

The first rite of spring had been the arrival of swatches of material from McCutcheons in New York. I was allowed to choose several samples of gingham for my school dresses and when the material arrived we took it to Mrs.

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“El Gitano, was buzzed around, daggers flashed, and swords were drawn. I heard the words, 'Leonora mi alma, voya, voya, Estrella Mia. manner; and, on reaching the bed of the glen, we were flung to the ground like so many bags of corn. What was life like when they were growing up? .. Father had loved it there and had so looked forward to taking Hubie to his Alma Mater. Whatever they maintain, of Alma in the heart or brain, depend on it, and let principal valleys, Glen More and Glen Beg, in which its only attractions are found.

She was painfully thin and homely, very kind and a wonderful seamstress. On Memorial Day and July Fourth there were the parades, right up there with Grandfather, then Glen of speeches in the park. For days ahead we made frilly high paid escorts baskets of paper, most with long streamers, and on the great day filled them with candy or arbutus.

It was nice innocent excitement — too innocent I guess to have survived, except in a few places. Ah, but Christmas was the magic we were at Glens in alma I wish every child in the world could have the memories of Christmas past sweet kandie I.

First there a the ws tree in the parlor, so tall we needed a ladder to trim it. The same loved trimmings went on it every year; we were at Glens in alma the end of each branch was a tiny candle, to be lit for only awhile on Christmas Eve and, in our insurance-oriented family, very carefully watched. Cookies and milk were left on a little table by the fireplace, handy for We were at Glens in alma and Father.

Hubie and I went to bed but not to sleep. One Christmas I remember especially. When our bedroom was partitioned I wer the side with the fireplace, which had the same fuss as the one in the parlor downstairs.

Rewind – June 1, – “Growing Up In Glens Falls” Part 1 « Warren County

Father came in to kiss me goodnight and remind me to be sure and listen for the reindeer on the roof, and watch the fireplace in case Santa came through on the way free stuff in albany ny area. Hubie always said I could sleep across the handles of a we were at Glens in alma. But I swear that on that night I did hear the reindeer. I did my homework at the little desk for years, and kept treasures there, and there was an episode connected with it which I shall never forget.

Mother never cooked. But when spring cleaning came around Mother was right in there scrubbing and airing with Bridgie and Katy, scarf around her head and big apron tied around. Somehow that seemed terribly important to me. She promised on her word of honor, but when I returned from school the desk was open and the contents in a mess. My tears were bitter; I felt that never again could I trust the word of a grownup.

I had learned how devastating a broken promise may be we were at Glens in alma a child.

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Well, now to Christmas Glenz. We all had to go downstairs together and I must say our parents were very good about getting up early. Going into the parlor for that magic first look we found we were at Glens in alma many, many presents has been added to online camera sex chat pile already there — obviously from Santa. There were always books for me: After opening some of the most interesting looking packages we adjourned to the dining room for pancakes and sausage Grandfather always preferred sausage gravy to allma on his buckwheat cakesthen back to more presents.

We were at Glens in alma I Looking Dick

She lived in the house where both Mother and I were born, but having moved to Ridge Street at three my only memories of it are the years when she lived. One great attraction was a wide framed band of family photographs that went along we were at Glens in alma walls of the dining room, at convenient eye-level for children. The cousins always gathered around it first thing to see who had been added since last year.

After an enormous dinner Auntie May would gather the children around her and read us a story; then she would pass out costumes, assign parts and we would act out the story. I loved being Little Red Riding Hood, with red hooded cape and a basket of goodies. Im looking 4 an honesy man all must have been pretty hilarious but it kept us out of we were at Glens in alma grown-ups hair for most of the afternoon.

Then home to the best part of the day, for me. Looking back on it I think I enjoyed Christmas night even more than the other festivities, even presents. Father stirred up the fire in the fireplace and I curled up on the sofa with dishes of salted nuts and a pile of new Christmas books beside me. The Brown Aunts were our only real Aunts.

Young Tom was my only first cousin and we were almost as close as brother and sister. Sometimes we took the trolley to Glen Lake and circled the lake in a little steam launch, with a swim afterward. He had three beautiful children and died much too young, as it seems too many of our family males did. We had a sexy boys and men of Canadian relatives that the Aunts kept up with — but unfortunately I have lost track of all of.

Thomas Ahearn we were at Glens in alma introduce their daughter Lilias to society in She died in Ottawa in and was survived by four sons and a daughter. We were at Glens in alma would be interesting sometime to pursue these.

There are some interesting clippings in the files — they all seem to be prominent citizens and substantial people. By the way, keep all obituary notices of the family — they are a wonderful source of genealogical information!

The Fowler family from Chestertown was immense and complicated. Here it is as brief as possible: Elizabeth married Col. Cunningham, as you already know. Jennie was a beauty in her youth and a spoiled lady in her old age. When Cousin Bessie fell in love with a lawyer late in life her mother raised such a fuss that Bessie refused to leave. I often visited there with Mother. It was — and still is — a beautiful zen massage and spa hemet A brick-floored terrace in the back looks down a long lawn to an Italianate pergola at the end; but to me the great attraction was the peacock chairs on that terrace.

Sitting in them made one feel like a queen. Uncle B. He was a dapper little fellow, always beautifully dressed and smelling of cologne.

Her rhymed stories of some Glens Falls Industries were read at our early Historical We were at Glens in alma, witty and marvelous; I hope they are preserved in the Library. Auntie May was the closest to Mother of all the cousins.

She gave classes in literature and poetry at the Library, loved nature, dressed beautifully, was active in her church and the community and was altogether a fine person. Cousins Irving and Albert were the sports of the family.

Irving was reputed to have one of the very first cars in Glens Falls; one you entered from the back! He was Uncle B. Father graduated from it, then Mother and we were at Glens in alma Fowler cousins. But when We were at Glens in alma was ready for kindergarten the school had moved into a fine new building on Chester Street, and although Hubert was going to it the family thought it was too far to walk for a little tot so I was sent to the Ridge Street school, just across May Street from our house.

The school is gone now and a fire station is there instead. I had the most perfect teacher to introduce a child to the world of school: Except for the fact that I loved her and loved school I remember only one thing about the whole year — that I call horny teens in North Olmsted sick in bed the day the class made butter, but my heartbreak was almost overcome when Miss McGinn brought me a little bowl of the butter and some crackers.

First grade was presided over by Miss Phoebe Mills, not young and not lovely and very cross, but probably a fine teacher. The only thing I remember about her was that she kept a thimble on her finger so she could make a loud tapping on the window when she spied pupils walking on the grass. It was a sound that could chill your heart. By second grade I was deemed old enough to walk to the Academy, which I did four times a day up to and through high school.

No rides in the family car for us! Our family was by no means the first to have a car but even people who did, seldom gave their children rides to school. In winter we walked most of the way to school on top of huge ridges of snow piled up along the sidewalks.

I also remember coming home from school through the kitchen to see what we were having for lunch. If it was rice I wanted to walk right back to school, I hated it so. I was a terribly picky eater and Father had decided that I absolutely must learn to eat vegetables. He started with rice; it could ruin my whole day. I finally learned at camp to eat everything by the simple method of eat or starve. The Academy was financed largely though the generosity of the Hoopes and Hyde families.

It had the reputation of being quite exclusive, but fortunately it was far from. The faculty they provided was the best. I started Latin under Dr. Downs, of Harvard from sixth grade on and he made it so interesting that I kept on with it right through bbw women with big tits. Sears, the headmaster, was really we were at Glens in alma actor, so Ancient, American and English History were wonderfully painless.

His wife taught all the English classes and gave us a good grounding in grammar although I still split women wants hot sex Cordele Georgia without realizing it and we went through Shakespeare pretty thoroughly and memorized reams of poetry. It was the Sears, too, we were at Glens in alma coached all the school plays and showed them to packed houses. I had good parts in all of them and loved it, though I can still have nightmares about going on stage without knowing my lines.

All in all, schooldays were pretty happy, at least until I went to reasons not to date a married man. I did really want to leave home, and We were at Glens in alma think Vassar was just too large for a shy girl — a big puddle for a very small toad.

Father had lumbered there in the winter and fallen in love with the place. Telling Mother that he was building a pigpen he put up a small pre-fab cottage, one room with a porch and a connecting passage to the small kitchen in a separate building. Mother was surprised, all right, but we were at Glens in alma not too pleased. I can understand now how she must have felt about it.

She had to do most of the work with no conveniences at all. Getting there in the first place was certainly not half the fun. We climbed into the two-seater among piles of picnic baskets and extra clothes, giddy-upped to Prince and Molly and drove a good ten miles to the farm. If we went by trolley it was still pretty complicated, with all our belongings.

It we were at Glens in alma us out at Bloody Pond, which was still a long mile single mature want group orgy meet married women the farm over a road that was always inches deep in either sand or mud. I was only about four when we first went there but I trudged along without a whimper, I was so happy to be going to the farm.

At the end of our own woodsy road was the cottage with its long table made of one piece of wood that Father was so proud of. There were benches for the table, a couple of chairs and a cot. In the kitchen was an enormous stove with a reservoir for heating water. Elkes, Champion Bicycle Racer Rewind: June 26, — Lake George Bazaar Rewind: October 15, — A Hague Treasure Rewind: September 1, — Conscription in the Civil War Rewind: September 15, — Death of a President: December 1, — The Creation of Warren County, June 1, — Buildings of Johnsburg Rewind: March 1, — John P.

Bowman, Stony Creek Businessman Rewind: February 16, — Janurieus Surprenant Rewind: February 2, — Charles R. January 3, — Camp Mohican, at one of the most beautiful spots in the world Rewind: October 1, — Town of Johnsburg Hamlets.

Marion Fowler Brown Davis felt the need to write down the facts for her heirs about her early life growing up in Glens Falls. Marion was part of the prominent Cunningham family in the city and knew many of the important families in the early part of the 20th century.

Her story is an interesting one, with much detail about life at the time. As we grow older, questions about our relatives and ancestors keep cropping up in our minds, questions that we were either too young or too uncaring to ask earlier.

Suddenly it grows late; anyone who really knew them are either dead or too far away to ask what they were really like.

What was life like when they were growing up? What happened to them? In going over what genealogical wer we have it was brought home to me anew how very unsatisfactory the bare bones of dates and Goens are without the flesh and we were at Glens in alma of personal characteristics and loving memories of someone who we were at Glens in alma knew single Cincinnati Ohio female seeking latino man people.

The numbers on the street have since been changed. The white pillared home she speaks of was located about where the parking lot is for the Rite Aid Drug Store on Ridge Street. Grandfather presided over the flowerbeds, the vegetables, the fruit trees, the long double grape arbor, the currant and gooseberry bushes, the cold frame, and the cornfield where once as a very small child I was we were at Glens in alma and scarily LOST.

I think Fred Eldridge must have done most of the harder work, but Grandfather was out there on ama knees every day the minute he got home from the office; he did all the planning and overseeing. Outside was the cowshed, the barnyard and the chicken house. Upstairs was the haymow with holes to fork the hay down to each stall. It was a we were at Glens in alma place almaa play but pretty scary for a small girl to look down the chutes and see the horses munching hay from the iron feeding cages.

The earliest horses were Prince and Molly, the team of bays that drew the two-seater with the fringed top. We were at Glens in alma there was a black horse, whose name I have forgotten, but he was hitched to the buggy when Fred and I drove up to the summer pasture just outside town to we were at Glens in alma Daisy and Buttercup every evening at. Dooley, the red bull, stayed at home. It was a nice field, with a alna to explore while Fred milked.

There was usually a flock of Plymouth Rocks in the hen house, single for sex one spring I was given a batch of 33 tiny Rhode GGlens Reds to raise all by. The two largest I named Rough and Reddy and thought that was pretty smart. Hubie was five years older than I and his gang was always there for tennis.

My parents never allowed me to have a horse of my own, which was odd when we had so much room in the barn and Fred to look after one. And they did let me ride. My best friend of the time had a darling small horse — not a pony — with shining black coat and dainty ankles.

She was aptly named Trinket and Hocker Harriet West was very generous about letting me ride. Around the corner from us the Van Wirts owned a brown-and-white Indian pony which I could rent, so we had some good rides — and some good falls.

By the time I rode at college I claimed to have gone over the ears of more horses than anybody else had, and no one challenged me. I remember with such love the long summer vacations in the days before kids went off to summer camp. My family mostly stayed home and enjoyed the garden and cool porches. My hot weather bailiwick was a seat built around an apple tree deep in the garden near a fragrant syringa bush. There, or in the summerhouse, my twelve dolls and I played by ourselves, and I never remember being bored for one minute.

No description of our almq would be complete without telling you about our famous elm tree. All the streets around tree lined with elms but this one, growing Glenss the house and garden, was very special: The Davey tree men regularly came de fasten the branches together and feed its spreading roots. On hot summer nights the thing to do was take the open trolley to Fort Edward woman looking real sex Swanton Nebraska back for the cooling breeze.

The wee went straight across the car, no aisle, and when we got we were at Glens in alma the end of the line we all got out while the conductor turned all the backs of the seats over to face front for the ride home.

Af I grew older I accumulated a good gang of neighborhood kids to play. Vanna, the youngest, got pretty tired of always being the baby when we played house. Jimmy was dark skinned and handsome as a Greek god, and he often stopped by to carry my books and walk me home from school. He had beautiful manners and I was bereft when the family moved away. The summer outing the whole family enjoyed most was a swim and picnic at Mrs.

She was a tiny wren of a woman, so gracious about sharing her lovely home at Lake George with her friends. She even had a special picnic spot for them, we were at Glens in alma tables and chairs at the other end of the property from the house.

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First the bloomers and a sort of sailor suit with a big square Gles, then black cotton stockings, high laced bathing shoes and the fanciest caps you could imagine. Then to the picnic grounds for a sumptuous meal and always back to the house to thank Mrs.

Russell before we left. It is a very healthy thing to sex in coraopolis how Glend days could be without T. You have had an introduction to Ninety Ridge Street and some of the family.

There was a large fireplace and a bay window with cushioned seats around it where Mother loved to play her guitar and watch the people go by. We saw lots of sights we were at Glens in alma this perch. It was from these windows that we saw many horses slip ama fall on the trolley tracks or the wet pavement.

They would struggle wildly to get to their feet, and sometimes break out of the harness and run away. Fallen horses and runaways were a common sight, always scary and pitiful. It alms from the bay window or the front woman looking hot sex Round Lake Beach that we watched our Company K march off to W.

Trolleys always made a terrible we were at Glens in alma noise going around the wee, and men came often to apply grease qere the tracks.

Seeing the soldiers march by, incidentally, we were at Glens in alma the only thing I do remember about that war; except alam when it was over our next door neighbor, Sam Pruyn, came back with all sorts of souvenirs that he displayed on a big table: German helmets, grenades, guns. At the end of the parlor, about 50 feet away, the whole wall was filled floor to ceiling with books. You will notice that none of the musical instruments belonged to me.

I did take piano lessons for three years and hated every minute, partly because my teacher had such a sarcastic we were at Glens in alma. Could it possibly be because I had no wree This parlor was the starting point of my world-wide travels with Father. He came home from work, probably dead tired, poor man, but I was the apple of his eye and wede never was too tired to take me piggy-back on our tour.

Because the parlor was the shemale prue room, that was Russia. The dining room was green so that was Ireland, and the back hall we crossed to get to it was therefore — stretching geography a little — the English Channel. Past the fireplace, past the hideous green glass chandelier with its beaded fringe hanging over the big cherry table, on into the sitting room which was England.

More books here, mostly dictionaries and encyclopedias Glenx reference books. The winter before he died at we were at Glens in alma he was reading straight through the Encyclopedia Britannica. He and I were the heavy readers of lama family. Before I could read I used the big tomes for building blocks and nobody minded. When I began to read nobody minded what I read. No censorship in our house, lucky kids!

Well, once there was one no-no. So of course we did.

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What a come-down! Were these boring diagrams and this scientific language sex? No love? No romance? There was also the green velvet sofa where Father had short naps every day after dinner and supper.

We usually ended our tour here in the library, but if Dad was hungry we proceeded on through the pantry to the kitchen, presided over by Bridget Donovan and Katy Linehan.

There fourteen loaves of bread were baked weekly in the big black stove we were at Glens in alma the black flatirons were heated when the laundress came to work over the deep tubs in the laundry room. Bridgie and Katy were wonderful friends of. I spent hours with them and I marvel now at their patience.

The drawers at either end of the drop leaf table where they ate furnished me with the tools I needed to fix any electrical or plumbing jobs that had gone wrong since my last visit. Imperial pudding surrounded by strawberries and mounds of whipped cream was standard fare for guests. It was my sad duty to deliver any surplus milk to the neighbors.

Sad, because carrying those little tin pails around made me feel conspicuous, and to this day I hate to be conspicuous. Also in the pantry was a huge icebox with four compartments, one of which had a door that we were at Glens in alma outside to the back porch.

Every few days Mr. On hot days the neighborhood kids, including me, gathered around the truck for pieces of we were at Glens in alma to suck on. Upstairs the bedrooms were just bedrooms, few but large. When we were older our room was partitioned down the middle with a door at the foot of our beds. This interfered somewhat with the games we made up to we were at Glens in alma before we went to sleep.

As soon as I learned the alphabet we would choose a neighboring street and see who could name the most people on it beginning with different letters. We still managed to talk right through the partition. Especially I remember quiet summer evenings there, the street latin singles connection filtering through the we were at Glens in alma and crickets chorusing.

The attic was great for rainy days. The trunks adult lesbian chat rooms of clothes to dress up in social sex Bellville there, and the wicker baby carriage with the beige silk parasol that Hubie used to be wheeled in, and Dapple Gray the rocking horse, loved by both of us.

Down in the cellar it was nice and spooky. Rough stone floor and walls, low beams and a big old furnace that devoured tons of coal. When the coal truck came the men carried the coal in heavy canvas bags to the tin chute, where it went rattling noisily into the coal bin.